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" Interlude No.01" , 2020, sticker collage, cement, resin H 193 × W 193 mm
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Contemporary artist and photographer who produces mixed media, paintings and performance works mainly on photographic works. In addition, she is also active as a logo designer who specializes in organizing and expressing images and concepts of objects or companies.

Born in Osaka Prefecture in 1987. A daughter of a Japanese mother and an English father, who were divorced soon after her birth. Currently living in Tokyo, she is enrolled in master's program at Tokyo University of the Arts.

From the early childhood, the artist has been very aware of her external appearance as a mixed -race individual (or“ha-fu” in Japanese) as her family lived on the country side of Osaka, where her neighborhood consisted of only Japanese families. Because of her Western appearance and Japanese identity, she has been seeing the world through two different perspectives, which are reflected on her artworks. Her artist name, TOMIMO+AKINA is also a reflection of her unique multi-viewpoints. It represents her dilemma of growing up as“ha-fu”in rural Japan, having two perspectives, but she is an individual artist.

She currently works mainly on photographic works, no matter what media are. Her works are based on the themes “Encounter with memory”. Our brains are designed to tell lies based on past experiences. While being deceived by their own memories, people believe that something shared the most is the truth. Your sense organs receive the same information but you do no see the same thing. She produces her artworks to create multiple views of the world for those who encounter her art pieces.

Solo Exhibitions

2019   “Funny Dress-up Lab Exhibition+トミガヤ模店”

                 Tomigayarrd,Tokyo, Japan
2017   “ミニ四駆から派生した未知なる部族の仮面への考察”

                 Fujii Dimaru, Kyoto, Japan
2017   “ミニ四駆から派生した未知なる部族の仮面への考察”

                 Gallery Jib, Tokyo, Japan
2017   “Re:beta”, QUIET NOISE, Tokyo, Japan
2017   “MIETESIMAUKARA SIYOUGANAI”, momurag, Kyoto, Japan
2017   “faceach (un) other”, SANAGI Shinjyuku, Tokyo, Japan
2016   “TOMASS”, BLOCK HOUSE, Tokyo, Japan
2014   “面面面面”, Gallery JIB, Tokyo, Japan
2013   “ROOOOOOOOts”, BLOCK HOUSE, Tokyo, Japan
2013   “BONNOU”, Maruwakaya, Tokyo, Japan
2010   ”X12••”, METEOR, Tokyo, Japan
2009   ”Funny Dress-up Lab Exhibition”, Dish, Tokyo, Japan

Group Exhibitions

2019   “Asian Unit Group Show SEOUL”, wall.seoul, Seoul, Korea
2018   “pop & street -AN ANNUAL 2018”, fort Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2017   “THE THINGS 2”, Shinjuku Ophthalmologist (Ganka) Gallery

                  Tokyo, Japan
2017   “MITR”, BRIDGE ART SPACE, Thailand
2016   “SHIBUYA Style vol.10”, SEIBU, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
2016   “川”, BLOCK HOUSE, Tokyo, Japan


                  Tokyo, Japan
2015   “職人-解放区”, ISETAN, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
2015   “Kendama Exhibition”, PINEBROOKLYN, Osaka, Japan
2015   “THE GIFTER order made gift Exhibition vol.1”, Elephant STUDIO,                    Tokyo, Japan
2011   “Art Fair KYOTO 2011”, Hotel Monterey Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan

Planned Exhibitions

2019   “#CreatorsUnite ART EXHIBITION”, adidas Shibuya Studio

                  Tokyo, Japan
2019   “WALKMAN IN THE PARK”, Ginza Sony Park, Tokyo, Japan
2017   “OMNIBUS Exhibition”, JOURNAL STANDARD Shibuya

                  Tokyo, Japan
2017   “Suzuk 8 hours(MORIWAKI×Funny Dress-up Lab)”, Suzuka Circuit,                    Mie, Japan

Artist News


haku, 京都


haku, 京都


haku, 京都

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